Why Does the G-Spot Exist?
Beyond the intense sexual pleasure the G-Spot is able to produce,
new studies are investigating the G-Spot’s value in blocking pain
during childbirth. In an article titled Beyond the G-Spot: Recent
Research on Female Sexualityii which appeared in the January 1999
Issue of Psychiatric Annals, authors Whipple and Komisaruk
state: “. . . a series of studies has demonstrated that self-stimulation
of the anterior wall of the vagina in women produces a significant
elevation in pain thresholds. . .” and “we believe childbirth would
be more painful without this natural pain-blocking effect…”.
This research (which has been replicated by other researchers)
shows the G-Spot’s value during childbirth. Because of this, we
feel that the physical purpose of the G-Spot is:
1. To ease pain during childbirth (as shown by Whipple and
2. To either enhance or provide sexual pleasure.
By stating “enhance” sexual pleasure, we are referring to
“non-direct” G-Spot stimulation. For example, when the penis
swells during normal intercourse, the increased girth of the penis
may partially stimulate the G-Spot and “boost” a woman’s sexual
enjoyment to the point she orgasms with her partner. If your lover
has ever said anything like: “You started swelling and hitting
something up in there that felt great…” you may now understand
what was happening. Likely, the partial stimulation of the G-Spot
enhanced her sexual pleasure.
By stating “provide” sexual pleasure, we are referring to direct
stimulation of the G-Spot. Which, as you will hopefully soon
learn, can provide a stand-alone unparalleled source of orgasm.